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 MINA - Mina, first panty breakfast [2017 / FullHD / 1.15 GB]

This morning on waking, my coffee gave me the urge to shit.
I decided to poop in my pants for the first time.
once this is good shit out of my colon, I had a mad desire to play with, this dark shit smelled strongly this morning.
so I took my breakfast in an indescribable odor.
by spreading my bread with my snot that I enjoyed with appetite.
File name: Mina-panty-breakfast
 BabyDollNaughty - Dirty Diaper- Dirty Anal [2017 / HD / 274 MB]

Daddy is changing my messy diaper…and decides to fuck my dirty ass hole.
File name: dirtyanalchange
 MINA - Mina I’m scating in the rain [2017 / FullHD / 689 MB]

Welcome in my new “scat” universe
To introduce you into it, for my FIRST scene for you, i’ve choosen to revisite the famous “i’m singing in the rain” into… i’m “scating” in the rain. 
What more amazing than playing with the nature to make dirty things…. and let my ass free of toilets to shit a loooot for you. So my pussy too felt free to join the rain into a pee rain. To make my shit and pee more nicer i thought that vomit on it will have make her pretier!!! So i put evythings out and clean alllllllll my dirty holes for you in a nasty and sexy way!!!!
Come and play with me in the rain, and makes my pee, shit, vomit and all more nicer in puting your fucking cum on the top of her!!!!!
Welcome in my new scat universe
 evamarie88 - Lick My Dirtbox Then Watch Me Shit [2017 / FullHD / 572 MB]

Watch me tell you how I want you to worship my dirtybox, I tell you to sniff my arse while I fart in your face then tell you to stick your tongue deep inside my shitter and tell me if you can taste my shit inside..
I then say I love being fucked with a full arse so I fuck myself with my metal toy getting shit all over it and put it to you and tell you to take a lick…
I then tell you to wank while I bend over and spread my arse cheeks and I push out a big firm poo…
My arsehole stretches wide open while it comes out and then I lick up and down it telling you how amazing it tastes.
Before bending over and making your lick my filthy bottom clean before giving you a cum countdown to shoot your load on my arse
 EllaGilbert - First 2018 Jeans Poop [2017 / HD / 350 MB]

I gave 2018 a really messy start haha I filled my light blue jeans and grey tights up with a huge shit. But that’s not everything, after I tear my tights apart, I’m gonna finger my tight full of shit asshole and make myself cum like crazy (being my 1st cum this year, imagine how intense it is).
Don’t u wanna give this year a really “dirty” start too? hehhe
 BabyDollNaughty - Sex with Daddy in my shitty diaper [2017 / FullHD / 574 MB]

Daddy likes fucking me in my shit filled diaper.
He likes when I rub my smelly diaper all over his cock before he slides it in me.
“Am I your dirty girl Daddy?”
 TheOnlyScatQueenDelilah - My L.A. Toilet: Billy Boy [2017 / HD / 1.03 GB]

Scat Queen Delilah filmed live session during LA trip last month.
 MINA - LOVING LICKING [2017 / HD / 497 MB]

oday i felt in love with my fucking big shit!!!! I show you my body, and when i open my ass, he is allready full of shit. I make a big poop in face of you, and after she was so amazing that i start licking her and turn into a fucking big orgasm.
 TheOnlyScatQueenDelilah - The Biggest Shit-Head in Atlanta [2017 / HD / 1.40 GB]

Big Pile of shit on his face and head
 evamarie88 - Huge Fart Then Shit On Sofa And Smear [2017 / FullHD / 603 MB]

Watch me show off my arse to you and push out the loudest longest fart. I ask you to wank while i finger my arse and squat over my leather couch and put out a shit, i then show you it and sit right down on it on my couch, rubbing my shit into my couch..
I then show you my poo smeared arse before smearing it over my body then give you a cum countdown to shoot your load over my face
 Elecebra Club - Shit Piss Face Rape Cum Swallow [2017 / FullHD / 712 MB]

Old school style face rape
 CosmicGirl - Messy Diaper Squish! [2017 / FullHD / 808 MB]

Wearing my cute and very frilly pink dress, Goodnites diaper and a pink PVC diaper cover. I model my cute dress for you and flip it up to show you what I am wearing under it. I have to poop so bad, so I just go in my diaper…. make the biggest most stinky mess in my diaper. I climb up on the couch and squish my dirty diaper against the arm of my couch, riding my couch hard until the poo starts to leak out the sides of my diaper! I take off my diaper to show you the huge nasty mess I made! I am such a naughty girl!
File name: pinkdiaper
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